I am always passionate about making positive impacts on students' learning. My teaching style combines innovation, enthusiasm, inclusion, and critical analysis. I aim to help students develop critical thinking, communication, teamwork, and learning skills with a positive and growth mindset, so that students can benefit from these attributes and skills for their lifetime.  Coupled with these objectives, I have applied experiential learning pedagogies to my teaching practice.

I have been teaching Computer Science and Engineering courses and delivered webinars/seminars over the years. I also completed various professional development activities in teaching and learning. I appreciate the unsolicited feedback from my students and learners worldwide (see the Testimonials section on this page). 

Undergraduate courses:

Online courses:

Professional development in teaching and learning:


Software Engineering Principles – Fall 2019 

“Professor is very encouraging and conducts the class in a very informative manner. He is very understanding. One of the best faculty till now.” 

“always teaches in a good way..love the way he teaches” 

Computer Architecture and Networking – Fall 2018 

“The lectures are clear and helpful.” 

“I like the way you teach the course which is very organized.” 

“I learned a lot of latest technologies from this course.” 

Security Defenses – Fall 2018 

“He is very organized and treats everyone with respect and fairness.” 

“… you are the only professor who really cares about me. Thank you.” 

Data Communications: Wireless and Mobile – Winter 2017 

“He knows the subject matter really well and is always helpful.” 

“The content is difficult but you conveyed in an easy-to-understand way” 

“You are the best professor.” 

“Thanks for sharing latest information you obtained from the latest conferences and research as well as your vision.” 

Data Communications: Real World Interconnectivity – Fall 2016 

“The course is very useful as I know what’s taught is actually being used by the industry.” 

“I love the hands-on exercises on this course.” 

IoT Foundations: Low-Power Wireless Networking (2018-2022) 

(Note: the following comments are from the unsolicited direct LinkedIn messages and formal LinkedIn Learning course feedback)

“Thank you Professor Hu for putting this course together and sharing it on LinkedIn Learning. You cover a range of IOT wireless communication protocols providing us with solid footing on deciding what works best for each application.” 

“very well present and easy to understand” 

“This course is awesome. It has benefited me so much.” 

“this is very Good Excellent information” 

“Excellent instructor.” 

“Really the way of explanation was too awesome” 

“Great introduction to wireless networking!” 

– Anonymous learners 

“Enjoying your course … just a quick note to tell you I think your course on IoT low power networks on Lynda is excellent! I'm going through multiple IoT-related courses right now on both Lynda and Coursera as a part of re-training and expanding my skills (ASIC designer for the past 20 years) and I find your teaching style very clear and concise.” 

A lead engineer at a top IT company

“Hi Dr Hu, I am making a research for IoT at my university studies and I found your videos in Lynda.com. very informative .. you could make complex concept in simple words.” 

– A university researcher 

“I just started your course on LinkedIn learning called IoT Foundations: Low Power Wireless Networking. So far, I like it and you are talking my language and what I tried to educate City officials on understanding before buying expensive solutions.” 

– A director of smart cities

IoT Foundations: Operating Systems Fundamentals (2018-2022) 

“Really appreciated the content. The first time for me to enjoy studying a course like this.” 

“This course is excellent. ” 

“it gives good theoretical and practical combination to give the listener understanding of the principles in operating systems” 

“I appreciate the alternating between concept and code examples because it shows how the concept is applied.” 

– Anonymous learners

Satellite Internet and Communications: Fundamentals (2022) 

“I am a communication student, advancement in technologies will have a major impact on how communication is structured in the future and the devices used to communicate, I really enjoyed this course.” 

“Very clear and succinct explanation of concepts” 

“This was very helpful for me to do better my job.” 

“This course is very useful as new technologies are evolving.” 

– Anonymous learners